2017 was a reasonably eventful year, so here is a rather self indulgent round up.

Firstly, the word “Phlog” aka “PHotographic bLOG”. Originally coined back in January ’17 it has grown in popularity. In fact, it was only narrowly pipped to “Colin’s dictionary’s word of the year” by “covfefe”. (Note, that is Colin’s dictionary. Not the world famous Collin’s dictionary. Colin is just some bloke who wanders around Shields in his slippers sipping cider from a bottle in a brown paper bag whilst jotting his favourite words in crayon on the inside of a cornflake packet. I very much doubt the folks at Collin’s have even heard of the word “phlog”, let alone considered it for their word of the year.)

Anyway, to business. Phlog wasn’t just a catchy new word. It was also a genius way to update blogs section of the website with minimum effort. Why spend ages thinking up witty comment, when you can throw together a page full of photos in a matter of minutes. so, without further ado, photo highlights of 2017…

Spring – black and white after hours astonishment

It’s not often I find myself in a dinner jacket after a formal dinner sipping martinis in a bar so stylish it is permanently black and white. But if I do, the best thing to do is randomly entertain the glamorous strangers while getting my boozing buddy to take snaps on my phone! Ta Da! these phlogs just write themselves sometimes.

Newcastle magician Jack Strange Newcastle magician | Jack Strange Newcastle magician Jack Strange Newcastle magician Jack Strange Newcastle magician Jack Strange Newcastle magician Jack Strange

The best part? These weren’t just typical boozers, but actors fresh from a show at the Theatre Royal! And vaguely famous! One of them even known for her part in Emmerdale! (Should Bafta’s beckon, if any of you are reading this, then what better way to celebrate than a lavish party with a close up magician….)

Easter – Lots of change aka “rings part 1”

When everything suddenly changes in your life you can be taken aback. So, the old phrase, “Lot’s of change? fit some gymnastics rings in your garage and do some exercise” seemed terribly apt. That’s daughter number two – showing me how it’s done. Getting from step 2 to 3 on that diagram is still eluding me.

Because, you know, practising gymnastics rings exercises is kind of like practising magic. And it’s satisfyingly tricky. And also, no one in their right mind wants to book a flabby magician now do they.

Summer – Rings part 2

It’s good to try new things. And rings part 1 was so satisfying, I dabbled with rings part 2. Linking rings to be precise. The good news? Mastered the first 8 seconds of the routine. Bad news? Kind of got waylaid and never mastered the rest. Oh well. It’s on the list of resolutions for next year…


Late Summer – Another season, another short lived fad

I was quite pleased with my 8 second ring video, so I made more! And even put a videos page on the website. Here it is! I pledged to make a video a week. As before, kind of got waylaid. I did, however, promise to put out a video pandering to the whims of Facebook. “Choose a prop” I urged. When I get to 500 likes, the video will appear!

Bad news – overwhelmingly everyone went for knives and blowtorch. Ouchy.

Good news – months later, still languishing in the low 400s! Phew!

Autumn – Teeside magician

SEO is a tricky beast to master. Despite my best efforts, I’m not at the top of the searches for a Newcastle Magician. However, Teeside and Mewcastle I do very well in. In the Autumn, I seemed to spend most of my time astonishing in Teeside. I even found myself getting used to that accent! And, it led to some one of the best phlogs yet. “Smogophlog”. Belting gig that one.

Winter approaches – mid life crisis

Yeah I bought a motorbike. Nothing to do with magic. But it’s lots of fun. And like rings part 1 and rings part 2, it’s fun to learn new things (did you know that to go right, you steer left? Every day’s a school day!). I had great plans to illustrate this with a photo of the daughters perched upon the bike. Instead, found this photo of daughter one showing a fondness for biking some years ago. Helmet, leathers and riding lessons for her birthday I reckon…

Coastal living and repetitive social media

I like living by the sea. And I’m rubbish at social media. The result: Every time I see a nice view over the sea, I tweet it. Consequently, Twitter has been treated to near identical photos over the North Sea in 2017. I can’t help it. Tynemouth pier is lush.

Stunning. Sorry they’re a bit samey.

2017 – year of the phlog!

30 minutes! Seriously, phlogging is so quick! Photos, mindless description, job’s a good one. You can’t beat a good phlog. Next year’s resolutions: master rings (twice). Eventually reach 500 Facebook likes and film dangerous magic (not really in a great hurry for that though). Tweet less repetitively – no more than one sunrise over Tynemouth pier per month.

And phlog every now and again too.