Choosing a Wedding Magician

So you decided to get a wedding magician! Excellent idea. Having a magician mingle around your guests can add a sense of wonder to the proceedings. Some carefully placed close up miracles can get folk talking, break the ice, make the day more memorable, and even fill the time while you are off being photographed. You’ve made a wise choice in opting for magical entertainment.

But now the tricky decisions commence. What kind of magician do you go for?

Firstly, might I recommend against booking a “stage magician”. These fellows are more suited to theatres than weddings, and tend to specialise in mutilating females on stage in a variety of contraptions. It’s all well and good, but not the kind of thing you want your guests eating their dinner too.

I would also recommend against booking a TV magician. Much as I love them, having David Blaine sit in a glass box all the way through your big day, or Dynamo walk up and down the walls of your venue are hardly going to create the sense of wonder you are probably hoping for. Also famous guys have a sky high fee.

The kind of magic that works best in such circumstances is a “close up magician” (rather like myself). We Close Up Guys like to go from group to group and astonish with a few minutes of perfected astonishment that is all the more baffling for being seen so close. Close up magic also gets people involved and creates a real buzz.

But what kind of close up magician do you go for? I would recommend against the very handsome magician. It’s your big day, and you deserve all eyes on you. A handsome magician is going to direct too much attention from where it matters, and often they can end up too busy beating away bridesmaids to properly entertain your guests. I would also recommend against ugly or smelly magicians. You don’t want guests running away scared from the entertainment.

I’m pleased to say that as well as having excellent personal hygiene, that I’m of fairly mediocre appearance. On the one hand, I’m no Brad Pitt, on the other, I’m not totally repulsive. Be wary of magicians that have too many photos of themselves on their website. Be more wary of those who have none!

How funny should they be? It’s a tough call – Too funny and they’ll upset your best man. (This is his time to shine in the comedy stakes). Not funny enough, and it can lead to some rather dry performances. Again, I pride myself on hitting the “middle ground” here. Have a read of my blogs if need be. Not going to have Michael McIntyre quaking in his boots, but also likely to raise a slight smirk (I hope).

So, to summarise. The kind of magician you need for your wedding is someone not famous, with no fondness for mutilating females. They should be of mediocre looks, mediocre comedy, and dazzling magic. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Jack Strange!