Space Raiders

There’s not much you can do with 10p.

Typically, I find the most fun you can have with a 10 pence piece is to perform some sleight of hand moves, culminating in the classic, “It’s behind your ear”.


I’ll tell you what you can’t do with 10p. Buy a Freddo. Seriously! I remember when Freddo’s were 10p. I realise I sound old. I know that discussing the price of confectionery in the past is one step away from, “I remember when all this were fields”, and a penchant for Wethers. But, recently I found a spare 10p. After I’d exhausted the “It’s behind your ear” hilarity, I thought I’d treat myself to a frog shaped piece of deliciousness.

Not happening. Freddo’s have rocketed to 25p. I was so shocked, I nearly dropped my Werthers.

And, it gets worse! Space raiders are now 20p! And, those fields have got houses on them now.

I don’t know what upsets me most. The skyrocketing cost of 10p snacks, or my realisation that I am clearly showing signs of aging.

Now, all this has made me rethink my pricing. I’ve always thought that a premium magician should charge a premium price. I am quite open about my “arm and a leg pricing”. But now, seeing that Space Raiders have doubled in price, I’m wondering about charging two arms and two legs. And, if I followed Freddo’s lead, my prices would be five limbs. It boggles my mind to contemplate that. And how would anyone even afford that? Except maybe starfish or octopuses? And they are both famously bad audiences.

So, to conclude. I’m sticking with my pricing. I’m avoiding Freddos and Space Raiders because they make me feel old. Werthers aren’t as bad as you may think, molluscs are rubbish audiences for close up magic and I do remember when all that was fields.

And, I need to stop drinking so much before I write blogs.