Ignoring Instructions




You just clicked on the link.


Despite a clear instruction to not click on the link, you just clicked on the link! What kind of animal are you?


I bet you’re like one of those people that brings their dogs onto Cullercoats beach for a shit. Despite the big sign that says, “Don’t bring your shitty dog onto Cullercoats beach”


I bet you’re like those elderly couples that insists on shopping in pairs in Aldi, despite their social distancing instructions. And I bet that once you’re there, you stand in front of the cheese counter for 15 minutes reading every label while a massive law-abiding queue forms behind you at 2 metre intervals. Then finally, you choose bloody everyday value mild cheddar. Then walk off at half a mile per hour. Two abreast.


I bet you’re the kind of person that invites their friends round for a VE day party even though there’s a lockdown on.  (Because the you can’t spread a virus if you’re waving a flag). And then you’d probably serve them mild bloody cheddar.


You clearly don’t follow instructions.


Now, I’m an expert on this website. (Because I wrote it)

And I have evidence that the next page is not worth seeing. (Also because I wrote it)


So, I would strongly recommend that you don’t click here.



Just close your browser. Have some mild cheddar. And take your shitty dog for a walk.