So, I’ve just bought a motorbike.

No seriously.

It’s bloody amazing! I love it!

I’ve decided to call it Cilla (not after my second favourite Scouser, but for the same reason my last two cars have been called “Barry” and “Ron”. Prize if you can work that one out…)

I can hear you saying, “Whoop de freaking do Jack. I’m very happy for you and your mid life crisis, but what the flip has this got to do with magic? This is supposed to be a magic blog. If I’m not mistaken, the 56th best on the internet*. You’d best turn this around sharpish or you’ll be losing one of blog readers. And it’s not like you’ve got many.”

Harsh but fair. I’ll see what I can do…

I could dress it up as an exercise in suggestion and mind control. How I persuaded Mrs Strange this was a good idea. How I used psychological subtleties in the same way I do when persuade people to think of exactly the right playing card in Houdini’s Favourite Trick (details here!).

Except that wasn’t the case. She was actually quite keen. Maybe it was because I said I’d take her out on the back of it. Or maybe because I told her I’d got plenty of  life insurance.

Nope, can’t pretend this was about suggestion.

How about a money saving thing? I do loads of gigs south of the river at £3.06 a tunnel toll every time. Motorbikes go free! This new fad will pay for itself in just 555 gigs time!

No, it wasn’t about economising either.

Truth is, the bike isn’t about magic. But it is connected to a couple of recent blogs.

A while ago, I blogged about doing something everyday to scare you. Blasting along really quite fast, flies pinging off your visor, the tarmac a hard grey blur inches away is a little scary. But good scary. Really good scary. Make you grin scary.

I also blogged about things making you go “woah”. That is the whole point of magic. Or astrophysics for that matter. Or biking. If you find something that makes you go “woah”, you should keep doing it.

And Cilla gives me woahs.

A lorra, lorra woahs.


*Daren’t even look at the rankings now. Probably slipped a bit after this one.