Licence to Thrill

See that picture?


Snapped that at Whitley Bay Easter Fair. A ride with a license to thrill. Seriously. It’s actually been properly licensed to thrill.


And that’s what I was thinking about as I watched it spin around and bounce up and down in a “hello breakfast” fashion. (It took my mind off the fact that I felt a bit foolish while holding spouse’s glittery handbag while she and daughter coaxed up their breakfasts on said ride.  I tried to hold it with confidence. You know, a “this is my bag, I can totally pull off this look” kind of way. I didn’t hold it at arm’s length or anything. Draped it over my shoulder. Felt quite good actually. Was a little reluctant to give it back. Sorry, totally gone off on a tangent there.)


Back to the point. I was totally taken with the idea of being licensed to thrill. Imagine it. If a fairground ride can gain that license, surely a close up magician can. (I admit, I’d prefer “license to astonish” over thrill, astonishing being my USP, but even so).


Having a license to thrill would look great on advertising. Currently I’m licensed to drive A, B, B1, C, C1, BE, C1E and D1E. And conduct pagan weddings. Oh, and own a TV. But I’d love a licence to thrill. It would make queuing up at the sorting office all the more exciting if my ID was a bonafide thrilling licence. Imagine the looks of awe as they handed over the parcel. Priceless.


Anyway, long story short, don’t think it’s actually a thing. Googled it and found a documentary featuring Paul Hollywood driving sportscars.


So, instead of “Jack Strange: licensed to thrill”, I’m going for “Jack Strange: enjoys thrilling as a hobby, but not affiliated to any official regulatory bodies authorised to issue a license”.


Probably going to need to choose a small font to get that on the business card.