Oleg “The Bandit” Halvorsen

If I were pressed to name my favourite one armed Norwegian card magician, I would probably go for Oleg “The Bandit” Halvorsen.

“The Bandit” is a pretty cool nickname, and it is especially fitting on account of him having one arm (think about it). Before the accident, he had the less cool nickname of Oleg “perfectly symmetrical” Halvorsen.

Anyway, I had the great pleasure of meeting “The Bandit” a little while ago, and I learned two great things from him.

On the one hand, he showed me a great trick. I perform with it my right hand in my pocket out of respect, and do the whole trick in my left hand. If you see me, ask me to show you “Oleg’s Trick”. It’s an absolute belter.

And on the same hand, he recommended Neutrogena “Norwegian Formula” hand cream. Well maintained hands are important to any card magician, and Oleg’s national product helps me perform the trickiest sleights. I bought a tube and was delighted that it lasted me six months.

Annoyingly, Oleg says his last him a year.