Easy Card Trick

Often people ask me if I can teach them a card trick.

“Jack, can you teach me a card trick”, they say.

This makes me very happy. I love card tricks, and I have an admiration and respect for the noble art of education. I sit down with my protege and begin…

“Obviously, no study of card magic would begin without discussing Wonder’s seminal work on the the three pillars of magic; misdirection, psychology and sleight of hand. And then, we shall explore the mechanics of my favourite sleights along with a study of the moment of astonishment as defined by Harris in his groundbreaking study. Fasten your seatbelt. This is going to be a rollercoaster of self discovery. You are in for an amazing three months”.

To which they invariably say,

“No, an easy card trick. One I can learn in 5 minutes. And show my mates down the pub”

Obviously, when people don’t share my enthusiasm for the study of my art, it bothers me. But not to worry. One of my favourite card tricks is actually one of the easiest. A very easy card trick indeed Allow me to describe to you to the world famous “invisible card trick”.

I start this trick by getting my spectator to think of a card. Any they want. BUT (and this is very important) you must insist that they change their mind once. Once they have a card fixed in their mind (the second one, not the first one), then the fun begins. I take the cards and place them in my “pocket of invisibility”. A little sprinkle of powder and the pack becomes invisible. I offer it out to be shuffled. When the deck has been spread face up on a table, I ask that the thought of card (the second one, not the first – that is very important) is removed and shown around. Then, it must be replaced FACE DOWN. The pack gets shuffled, and replaced in the “pocket of invisibility”. A sprinkle, and the now visible pack is removed for all to see.

(Side note, this is not the end of the trick. I did a wedding gig a little while ago, and the table of guests clapped at this point! I was flattered, but there is a little more to it than that)

The real end of the trick is far better. The spectator reveals out loud to all the card they “turned over” (the second one, not the first, that is really important) and the pack is spread face up. Sure enough, one card is face down. Tentatively, they reach in to take it. Turn it over. It’s theirs! (The second one. Not the first. That’s important!). Astonishment ensues! Sometimes, for an added twist, I like to tell them what their first card was too.

“Yes”, my friends say. “That’s the one. Teach me how to do that please!”

“Certainly. I say. Get me a pint, and I’ll teach you how to do it.”

And you, faithful blog readers, can also learn the secret of this deceptively easy trick. All you need to do is…

Oops! Got to the end of my weekly blog word limit! Gutting. I shall post the method to this wonderful, yet deceptively easy, card trick in a week’s time! Oh my, you’re in for a treat. I love this trick! See you in a week.