Had enough of experts?

A recent quote from Michael Gove claimed…

“People in this country have had enough of experts”

And I rather fear that I disagree with him. (I realise that puts me in a bit of a minority. Though teachers, lawyers, Boris Johnson and David Cameron may know where I’m coming from.)

You see, I think experts are great.

I had call to have a new gas boiler recently, and I thought an expert gas fitter was the obvious choice. I had an offer of one from some bloke down the pub with no eyebrows who told me he’d sort me out for a bargain price. But, I thought under the circumstances, an expert what was I needed.

Maybe you are in the market for bypass surgery? Again, I’d urge you to go to an expert. That bloke down the pub is not the ideal choice. (Some readers will now be complaining that there are several cardiologists drink in their local boozer. I would still encourage you to seek out one from a hospital. I definitely would prefer my surgery carried out by someone who doesn’t knock back blue WKD every night and holds their pool cue the wrong way round)

Maybe you need a new secretary of state for education. Again, I’d go for the candidate who is an expert. Don’t do something ridiculous like employ some bloke from down the pub. Or a journalist.

And you know what, I’d go so far as to say it’s the same with magic. You may have an uncle who can do the 21 card trick. Maybe he even has a finger chopper from the joke shop. Perhaps he does the best “I’ve got your nose” you’ve ever seen.

Even so, I’d recommend against him. Your party would be better if you employed the services of an expert magician*. Someone who has tirelessly practiced sleight of hand in front of the mirror instead of having a social life. Someone who has perfected mind reading techniques over years and years until they can unnervingly get it right (nearly every time!). Someone with shelves of magic literature that has been endlessly leafed through. Someone who has done hundreds of close up gigs and knows just how to whisk the guests into an astonished frenzy.

*Basically, I’d just recommend me. When it comes to close up magic, I am a bit of an expert**.

** I realise this blog turned into a bit of trumpet-blowing self appreciation. I hope you don’t mind so much. It started off as political satire and just took a bit of a turn towards blatant self promotion. Oops.