Blowin’ Ma Trumpet!



We magicians love a bit of bragging.


A bit of one-upmanship. A little healthy competition if you like.


“I fooled Penn and Teller”

“I got to the final of BGT”

“That nice family from Blyth, you know with that house behind Asda? They booked me twice! Once for their anniversary, and again for their son’s birthday”

“We’ve had an 18 year residency in Las Vegas”

“I’m recording my third TV series”

“Did I mention I got a repeat booking? Yeah! In Blyth. Near Asda. Managed to combine the gig with a little grocery shop. Not a big shop mind, just a fruit, veg, bread milk and eggs shop”

“I’m embarking on a sell out tour of the UK”


You get the idea.


We’re always keen to get one up on the rivals. Brag a little. I like to think of it as “Magician Top Trumps”


“So Jack”, I imagine you asking right now, “Is there a magician out there you particularly pit yourself against? Do you have a nemesis? Is there some magical artiste you just want to beat in this ridiculous pissing contest?”


Hell yeah – It’s David Blaine!


You see, he was the guy that started this whole “magic is quite cool” thing off. Without David Blaine, we close up guys just wouldn’t have got going. And fair play to him, he’s not too shabby at this magic lark.


So, let’s look at the stats…


TV Series

DB: 2      JS: 0 (point to David there)

TV Specials

DB: 11    JS: 0 (and again)

Sitting presidents entertained in the oval office

DB: 3     JS: 0 (As of Feb 2020)

Repeat bookings at the Robinson household in Blyth

DB: 0    JS: 2 (Gaining on you David!)

Guinness world records for holding breath underwater

DB: 1    JS: 0 (I’ll give you that)


DB: 1.83m    JS: 1.88m (Mwah hah hah. Short arse)

Glowing reviews from world renowned magicians

DB: countless   JS: One (Assuming Glenn Ward is world renowned. And “yeah, Jack’s quite good” is glowing) 

Facebook Review score

DB: 4.9/5.0      JS: 5.0/5.0 (You can’t argue with online reviews)


So, it would seem my American rival has a slight lead.




there’s one poll in magic that trumps them all. One we all crave to top. That’s right. The “Top 75 Magic Blogs” page. Put simply, break into the top 35 of this, and you know you’ve made it. 


So, where do we both fit in here then…










Let’s call it a draw eh?!