*Pole dancing society ball photographic blog


What’s got 200 legs and loves a bit of magic?

100 tipsy pole-dancers!


Normally when I mention gigs to friends, they aren’t that interested. But, when I got invited to provide a little magic at the Newcastle University Pole Dancing Society Winter Ball, that all changed…


“Hey Jack – maybe I could come along and help out. You know, pass you your cards that kind of thing”

“I’d love to watch you at work Jack. I’d just sit quietly in the corner – you wouldn’t even know I was there”


For some reason that I just can’t put my finger on, a lot of people* wanted to join me for this booking.

*I say people. I do of course mean “leery blokes”



Any way chaps, I got some photos back, so if you’re keen to see what you missed, scroll on…




This is Anna. She’s Finnish. She didn’t know the difference between spades and clubs (must be a language thing) but she impressed me by choosing a card whilst in the splits.

Before you ask, no. I can’t recreate this pose myself.

This was my favourite photo of the night.

And, I think these next few pictures just speak for themselves…



And before you ask, no.

I don’t need anyone to pass me my cards at next year’s ball.