Parallel Universe



See this guy here?

He’s called Hugh Everett. A physicist. Back in the day, he came up with something phenomenal: “Parallel Universes”. Schrodinger’s cat wasn’t alive. Wasn’t dead. Certainly wasn’t both at once. It was actually two separate cats in two different universes. 


You see, Hugh’s idea was that at every point in the universe where a decision had to be made, that the universe split into two and both eventualities happened. One in each universe. 


Cool eh?


See this guy here?

This is Hugh Everett’s son. Aka Mark Everett. Aka “E”.

He’s the frontman of American rock band Eels. In the late 90s we saw him and his band play a mint gig at the Octagon in Sheffield. Or at least we did in this particular universe. In a slightly different universe, Hugh may never have bought his son a guitar, and the gig would never have happened. And the soundtrack to Shrek would have been all the poorer for not having “My beloved monster” in it. 


See this guy here?

That’s my dad. Neither a physicist nor a rock star. 

But he did take me to  a toy shop when I was quite young. And In this particular universe, he dragged me away from the scalextric and persuaded me to look at the magic trick stand instead. And then, when I became hooked, took me back to add to my ever expanding collection. 


So, a number of thank yous. 


To Hugh. Thanks for a genius bit of physics. Science fiction is forever in your debt. And we humans can take solace in this comforting thought: Every time we make an ill thought through decision or drop a bollock, a parallel version of ourselves totally aces it in a different universe. 


To Mark. Thanks for “Beautiful Freak”. My record collection would have an eel shaped hole without you.


To Dad. Thanks for everything. But especially the magic. In a slightly different universe there’s a guy who looks just like me, but he has a lot of scalextric. And he can’t do tricks. Oh, and there wouldn’t be this “award winning” blog either. 



What’s that? You didn’t enjoy this blog?


Just think. In a different universe, you absolutely loved it.