So, you ever been asked to shave a bit of yourself by the doctors for a little op?


Then, when the little bit is shaved, it leaves a line, so you shave a bit more to tidy things up. Then a bit more. Then, before you know it, you’re smooth as an eel from head to toe. And the bathroom floor looks like there’s a bear asleep on it?


Then you go to the swimming pool to try and and beat your two length PB because you’re more aerodynamic than you used to be?


And you unzip your leopard onesie a little lower than normal as you pad around the house ‘cause you think your new smooth top-half looks a bit Daniel Craig and quite alluring?


And then as it all grows back; the itching! The unbearable itching! You moisturise night and day until you’re slippery as a bar of soup?


You haven’t? No. Me neither. Definitely not. Certainly not the onesie thing. No way. Ridiculous you’d even think that.


Which brings me to the point…


Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes holding back and shaving less is better than going the whole hog (or whole eel). And this advice works in all sorts of situations – not just grooming. Allow me to elaborate.


Ever seen a heavily souped Corsa and thought, “That would have been better without the tinted windows, huge wheels, mahoosive exhaust, spoilers, skirts and moose head bonnet ornament?” You kind of need to know when to stop customising. (or shaving for that matter)


Or how about watching a band where the guitarist goes all Yngwie J Malmsteen on every number. Even the Adele cover. LESS IS MORE MAN! Know when to stop!


It’s kind of the same with magic. No really.


It’s easy to embellish a trick so far that it loses all its charm and magic…


“So, you’re thinking of the four of spades”. 

“Wow that’s amazing”

“And now look, that beer mat you’re holding has turned into the four of spades!”


“And look! The rest of the pack has vanished”

“Yeah, that’s good”

“And look! I’m now wearing a four of spades tee shirt”


“And look back in your hand – that card has turned back into a beermat!”

“Yeah, this is going on a bit”

“Now look back up! I’m in a slightly unzipped leopard onesie”

“I liked it best when you just guessed my card you know. This is a little weird”


See what I mean. Less is more. Don’t go too far. Know when to stop. 


And with that, I feel it is time to stop this blog.


Must go.


Terribly itchy.