Know When to Stop




So, this is an actual conversation with my mate Tink a few years ago…


ME: I’m watching “Prison Break” now. It’s great. Have you seen it?

TINK: I have. I agree. It’s good. Whatever you do though. Don’t watch season 3 onwards. Get to the end of season 2. Then stop. It’ll be better that way.


Yeah. Totally ignored that advice. 


It was, however, very good advice. 


Seasons 1 and 2 were great. Intrigue, drama, suspense, romance, engineering projects, massive tattoos and origami swans. Absolutely mint. Season 3 was shite. Season 4 worse. Should have listened to Tink’s advice. 


When it comes to drama series, you’ve got to know when to stop. 


It’s the same with the cut-throat world of magic blogging too. 


Leafing through some of my recent efforts, I realise I’m now into series 3 territory. Seriously – have you read them? Scraping the barrel. 


If I’m honest, I think I peaked around June ‘17. So did blog.feedspot when they awarded me the ludicrous title of “55th Best Magic Blog on the Internet”. I think I should have quit then. That was my season 2 finalé. Everything since has been been a bit disappointing.


In my defence, I go to parties, do some tricks and come home. The fact that I managed to milk that out to 80 blogs is something in itself. Seriously though there’s not much left magical for me to write about. 


It shows. I’ve slipped to 59th best magic blog on the internet. I should have known when to stop.


So, a couple of years too late, this is my final blog. Adieu.


If you are a regular blog reader (I hope you’re both well by the way), don’t be disappointed. There are plenty of other, better magic blogs out there.



58 of them in fact.