Trigger’s Broom

Trigger: I’ve had this broom for twenty years, and it’s only needed 17 new heads and 14 new handles.

Sid: How can it be the same bloody broom then?

Trigger: Look at this picture – what more proof do you need?


Ever ridden a bike up a hill quickly and found your mind wandering as you pedal?


Yeah, me too. Tonight’s farst blarst up the local climbs got me onto a totally obscure train of thought. It started by me getting “Round Round” by the Sugarbabes stuck in my head. (That’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. I briefly went to a spinning class in the early 2000s and the instructor had a fondness for this song. It’s  actually my second favourite climbing song after “Push it” by Salt and Pepa.)


Sorry about that unnecessary trip into my cycling playlist. The point is, I found myself thinking about the Sugababes. Most specifically, were they the same band when all three members had been replaced (like the parts of a broom) with newbies? Also I found myself pondering what the Scouse one was called – she was my favourite.


Which got me onto Trigger’s broom.  Does the spirit of something remain even when it’s constituent parts are totally different.


It was a kind of philosophical ride.


This in turn brought me round to atoms. I once read that your body replaces old atoms with new ones. Give it about three years and every single freaking atom in your body has been replaced. Does that mean I’m an entirely different person to my 2016 self? Probably. It’s all a bit deep isn’t it? I was so absorbed in such thoughts that I almost forgot to give a rude hand gesture to the driver that beeped me.


I know what you’re thinking – ride on the bike path, not the road and you wouldn’t get beeped. You’re probably also thinking how the hell I’m going to bring this blog round to magic…


So, to the magic part.


You see, a little while ago I retired a trick from the set. It was quite good. Just wasn’t as good as the others. It’s gone now, replaced with something better. And then I thought back to my first gig (Angel View Inn Gateshead. June ‘09). Was there anything from that first set that had lasted the distance? Nah. All gone and replaced at least once. Discarded like a broom handle or a Sugababe. Brushed aside like a body’s atom. My current set bears as much of a resemblance to that debut set as the Sugababes v3 did to v1. Or Broom 14 did to broom 8. Or post 2019 me does to pre 2016 me.


Hmmm. Just realised that blogs are supposed to be self promoting tools to try and get more bookings. Not rambling essays on the true meaning of self or avoiding cycle paths. So, here goes…


If you booked me a few years ago, why not book me again. I can guarantee that both the set and the magician will be entirely different!


Down to the very last atom…