Tempus Fugit



“Hey Jack, thanks for blogging about my foot tattoo. No one’s ever blogged about me before”


“You’re welcome.”


“I’ve got another Latin tattoo you know. ‘Tempus Fugit’. You can blog about that if you like”


“What’s that? Jack’s a blogger? I’ve got tattoos Jack. You can blog about them. I’d love to be blogged about.”


“Jack’s blogged about you? Is this true Jack? Why don’t I get a blog? I’ve got a tattoo you can blog about”


So, in order to keep my latest readership happy, here’s the sequel to the sub-viral Carpe Diem blog


“Tempus Fugit”


So, I’ve been studying a bit of Latin recently. I say studying, actually I Googled what “Carpe Diem” meant. Then I Googled “Tempus Fugit”. It’s hardly a BA in classical civilisations, but it’s a start. Anyway, allow me to  condense my findings…


Most people think that Tempus Fugit is Latin for “Time Flies”. Turns out that is a bit of a loose translation. The original use of the phrase actually appears in line 284 of Vergil’s masterpiece, Georgics. Here’s the original…


“Sed fugit interea, fugit inreparabile tempus,

singula dum capti circumuectamur amore.              

hoc satis armentis: superat pars altera curae,

lanigeros agitare greges hirtasque capellas;

hic labor, hinc laudem fortes sperate coloni.

nec sum animi dubius uerbis ea uincere magnum

quam sit et angustis hunc addere rebus honorem;              

sed me Parnasi deserta per ardua dulcis

raptat amor; iuuat ire iugis, qua nulla priorum

Castaliam molli deuertitur orbita cliuo.

nunc, ueneranda Pales, magno nunc ore sonandum.”


And according to my favourite translation software, the actual full meaning is…


“Seriously! What do think this is? A request show? A tattoo appreciation society? ITS NOT! It’s the 58th best magic blog on the internet! Who do you think you are, strolling in, flashing your tats and demanding 400 – 500 witty words about them? That’s not how it works. It’s a magic blog! It needs a magic theme, otherwise I look like a huge buffoon. Before you know it, I’ll be getting photos of tattoos sent to me with demands for a witty, self promoting blog penned about them. See that at the top of the page? Jack Strange, North East Close Up Magician. Not Jack Strange, freaking Tattoo Reviewer.


Get a Grip.


Oh, and time flies.”


Yowzer. These ancient Latin Poets are a feisty bunch aren’t they. Calm down Vergil.