Carpe Diem



So, the other day at a wedding, I approached this table. An elderly table. No, not an old table. The table was the same age as the other tables. The guests on the table were all of the “older generation”. As though the bride and groom had intentionally put them together like that.


“Good afternoon”, I chirped. Magically. “I’m Jack. I do magic. May I interest you in a little trickery?”


“Eeeh no pet”, Came a reply. “We’re fine without magic thank you”


And so, ever so slightly put out, I left to astonish a younger, more attractive table. (Again, I’m referring to the guests here, not the furniture). I left the older guests to continue talking about whatever they were talking about. (I’m guessing it was probably about rationing, beige clothing, how the youth of today don’t know they’re born, Werthers Original and how all this used to be fields.)




Only a couple of days later, I found myself showing someone else some tricks.


“Another trick?”


“YES! – keep them coming! I bloody love magic!”


Now this was more like it. Enthusiasm! Astonishment! Wide eyed awe! Really committing to the magic. I liked it. Now, I’m not usually the most observant, but I couldn’t help but notice that my new eager spectator was sporting a “Carpe Diem” tattoo. On her foot.


“I’ll look out for such tattoos more often”, I mentally noted. Jumping to an spectacularly unscientific generalisation that all those who sport Carpe Diem tattoos must therefore be especially good magic participants.


Anyway, long story short, I Googled what Carpe Diem meant. And I kind of approve.


Turns out it’s Latin for “YOLO”. As far as I can tell the Romans would have used it where we would say, “live a little”, “go for it”, or “what’s the worst that can happen?”.


(“Hey Caesar, the lions are looking peckish. Shall I throw them a Christian?”. “Throw them two, Brutus. Carpe Diem”. I imagine.)


So to conclude, Carpe Diem is…


Seize the day…Live for the moment…Have an ice cream…with sprinkles…and a flake…sod it, get two ice creams… buy a motorbike…overtake recklessly…have a row with your boss…tell your boss he’s got mental problems… quit your job to make a living from card tricks… get a tattoo… in Latin…plan to be more spontaneous… hold on that’s ridiculous…just be more spontaneous…write and post blogs without proof-reading tham…egg your mental ex-bosses house…buy a third ice-cream…drink heavily…


In other words, just live a little.


And, if you’re at a wedding, sitting on an elderly table when a tall, well dressed magician offers to show you some magic, just see the bloody magic.


Carpe Diem!