Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday!


Really? It’s your birthday today? That’s lucky. A 1 in 365 miracle. Sometimes in this magic lark you get something right by lucky coincidence. It’s good when that happens.


“So Jack”, you’re thinking, “Why today? Why post a happy birthday blog on today of all days?”


Good question imaginary reader. And one I’m happy to address.


You see, today is one of the four “premium birthdays” of the year. Anyone with a fondness for astronomy knows the four most significant dates (skywise anyway) are the two equinoxes and the two solstices. And today is one of them. See…


(And in case you’re interested, my birthday is also one of them. The wintery one. Just in case you fancied getting me a gift)


“Brilliant Jack. So today has exactly even daylight and darkness, and you were born on the shortest day / pagan highlight of the year. I thought you were a card magician? What the flip has this got to do with magic? Or cards? You’re really pushing the magic blog boundaries this time”


Again, imaginary reader, you make an excellent point. Allow me to put your mind at rest…


You see cards and the skies are linked more closely than you could ever have suspected. 52 cards represent the 52 weeks in the year. 4 suits represent the four seasons (or four premium birthdays if you prefer). 12 court cards are for the twelve months. 13 cards in each suit? 13 lunar months in the year of course! Black and red? Darkness and light. An equal number of both – just like an equinox (coincidentally today). Need more proof? Count up all the pips on every card in the deck. Spoiler alert – it’s 365 – number of days in a year. Spooky eh?


If by especially lucky coincidence you have a fondness for playing cards, a penchant for astronomy and it’s your birthday today, then you should be feeling pretty special right now.


Happy birthday. Hope it’s a good one.


For the 364/365 of you that this doesn’t apply to, I apologise. I’ll try and make my next blog a bit more relevant to you.


Footnote, if you have a “non premium” birthday, don’t despair. Ordinary birthdays can be made special too; simply by booking a magician to make your party a little more magical! Tempted? Might I recommend me? I’m quite good at birthday magic. I’ll even bring you a hand printed birthday card. With the card you’re thinking of sealed inside the envelope. Spooky.