“Do you believe in coincidence?

You do! So do I! My, that’s a coincidence!”


“How about intuition? Do you believe in intuition? You do! I knew you were going to say that!”


Ah, you can’t beat a good magician’s gag. Those particular gems are from my favourite magic book, “Smoke and Mirrors”. I can assure you now, the tricks in it are far better than the gags.


Anyway, to the point. There’s something magical about a good coincidence. An awful lot of really good tricks depend on it. My typical birthday trick for example…


“Go on. Think of a card. Change your mind a little if you fancy. Got one? Good. Now, do you remember that envelope I gave you at the start of the night? The one you put in your pocket / bra?* Yep that’s the one. Go on, open it up. Do you like the handmade greetings card? Printed it myself! Oh, and look, there’s a single playing card in there too. What was the one you were thinking of again? Go on. Turn that one over… My! That’s  a coincidence! Happy birthday!”


See. There’s something magical about a coincidence hitting.


It’s that “What if I’d changed my mind” feeling you get. It plays on your mind. It’s good magic.


You’re skeptical I can tell. Go on. Have a look at these cards. Choose one. Any one you like…

That's a coincidence | Newcastle Magician

Are you sure now? No more scrolling until you’ve made your mind up.


Now, wouldn’t it be an amazing coincidence if I chose the same one?


Well. I chose the four of hearts. You did too? My! That’s a coincidence!


And that readers is the beauty of the coincidence trick. Get it right, and it looks like a miracle. Get it wrong, and you can mostly get away with it. I mean, seriously, you didn’t really think that would work did you? But for one fifth of the blog readers (about 4 of you), it looks quite magical.


What’s that? You’re not impressed. You thought that “trick” was disappointing and you really think this blog is a dip from my usual medium standards? You think I’ve scraped the blogging barrel this time. Probably just trying to keep the site updated to improve my SEO.


I think that too! What a coincidence!


*  Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the number who choose bra as the safe place to put something. Look after this card please. OK, I’ll put it in my bra. It’s clearly a thing. Not that I can comment. I rarely wear a bra, and I nearly always have pockets.