Small Weddings

Small weddings are big!


Sorry. That makes no sense at all. Allow me to clarify.

What I meant is small weddings are become increasingly popular. I’ve been invited to perform magic at a few small weddings recently, and they’re great!

Small weddings are very different to big weddings. And performing magic at them is very different too. Big weddings are big. There are loads of tables. Loads of characters (including the tipsy bridesmaid, the phenomenally keen youth –  “show ME a trick”, the weird uncle, the slightly unnerving older couple, the “too cool for magic” type… the list goes on. I do enjoy a big wedding. I enjoy tailoring the magic the groups. It’s satisfying to get it just right.

But, small wedding magic is a different kind of affair.


Typically I might find myself invited to join the party around their single table. Maybe between courses – that kind of thing. There may be around ten or so guests. Handpicked. No weird uncles. I’ll do twenty minutes of magic. With just a few guests, you learn everyone’s names. You get them all involved. It’s nice. When I do small wedding magic, there’s a close, intimate feel to the trickery that you don’t get at the bigger dos.

Then, I’ll head off for half an hour or so. Let the guests enjoy their puddings. Or the speeches. (I’ll retire to the bar for a cappuccino. Or maybe two cappuccini*)

Once done, I’ll join them for a second 20 minutes of even better magic. Culminating in my romantic trick for the bride and groom, and then the treat of the best magic trick in the entire world.

Then, I’ll head off – leaving the party to cake cutting, dancing, boozing, general wedding things (I don’t actually know what happens after I’ve left – kind of guessing here) and maybe sneak in a third frothy coffee for the journey home.

And that’s small wedding magic. Magical!


If you’re planning a small wedding, why not get in touch and I’ll add a little magic to it for you. If you’ve got a friend who’s planning a small wedding, why not send them a link to this blog. Or book them a magician as a wedding present (ideally me – this self promoting advertising blog would totally backfire if it got someone else the gig). If you’re planning a big wedding but like the sound of what I’ve described, why not ditch 50 guests and go small instead. And book a magician. (again, ideally me – see above).


Remember – small weddings are big!



* I’m not making that up. The plural of cappuccino is cappuccini. Seriously. This gives me a dilemma when ordering two. I can’t bring myself to say, “two cappuccinos please”, because I don’t like getting plurals incorrect. Similarly, I don’t like to say, “two cappuccini please”, because then I sound like a dick. Instead I say, “I’d like a cappuccino please. Oh. Actually could you make that two”. Problem solved.