Penn and Teller


So, there are these two guys in a tent. And they hear a lion outside. So one of them starts putting on his running shoes. “You’ll never outrun a lion”, says his mate. “True. But I’ll outrun you”.


Now this begs so many questions…


  1. Why would you go camping in lion country?
  2. If you were, wouldn’t you choose a better traveling companion than some twat who’ll leave you for lion food?
  3. What kind of PTSD will the runner suffer from when he returns for his stuff from the tent and has to step over the chewed remains of his former buddy to get his flask back?
  4. And what the hell has this got to do with magic? It’s a magic blog Jack. A MAGIC BLOG! Pull it round sharpish or you’ll be losing a reader.


Allow me to explain. Not long ago I was asked…


“Could you fool Penn and Teller?”.


The simple answer is no. They’re freaking geniuses. Giants of the magic world. There isn’t a sleight, peak, ruse, move, gag, misdirect, suggestion or blatant cheat in my repertoire that they haven’t studied, used or even invented. I like to think I’d entertain them. Impress them even. But fool? Nah. Can’t see that happening I’m afraid.


Fortunately for me, I don’t need to fool P&T.


I can fool a bride, a groom, a flock of bridesmaids. Top tables can be astonished. Kids can be baffled (even the cocky ones who watch like hawks and are convinced they know what you are doing). I can fool the drunk. I can fool the sober. I can fool that weird uncle who insists on showing me a trick in return. Surly teens, grumpy pensioners, screaming youths and the slightly aloof? No problem. I can them all!


So, when I was asked,

“Can you fool Penn and Teller?”

My initial response was,

“No. But I can fool you.”


Which reminded me of that joke. (See. It was there for a reason)


And made me think that I’m probably not a particularly good traveling companion if you’re toying with camping near carnivores.


In hindsight, I think I may have got the collective noun for bridesmaids wrong. Prize if anyone knows what if really is.