“I’d love it if you could send me some photos for my website please”

And you know what, quite often photographers, brides, party organisers etc oblige by sending me some class pictures of me doing my thing for well dressed and sometimes lightly inebriated party guests.

Anyway, to the point! One of my favourite gigs of 2017 was a wedding in Middlesbrough. The trickery went down well, the guests were thoroughly good company, and at the end of the gig, the bride asked for a photo with me! I felt like a celebrity for a moment.

Note to self, practice the “Someone wants a photo with me” smile. I look a bit awkward in this one.

Still well chuffed with the rest of the photos though!

*  “Phlog” is an abbreviation for “photo blog”. I was hoping it would be word of the year, but it hasn’t caught on. Not one bit. “Smoggy” is an affectionate term for Middlesbroughians. Smog-o-blog is meant to mean Middlesbrough wedding photo blog. Mark my words, it’ll be in a dictionary near you soon.