Trick Rotation (in the 21st Century)

There are some questions that I get asked more than others…

“Can you make my wife disappear?”*

“Have you been on Britain’s got Talent?”**

“Can I order half pizza and half pasta?”***

“What time do you finish?”****

And of course, “Do you rotate your tricks, in a similar fashion to how medieval farmers would rotate their crops in the 14th Century?”*****

The answer to the rotation question is

I’m afraid to say, “No”.

You see, I’ve developed a four part set that I’m very proud of. A set that rotating just wouldn’t work on. I commence a first lap with of sleight of hand trickery. A starter if you will of appetising tricks, dusted with a soupcon of misdirection. My second lap, the palette cleansing sorbet, takes this a step further – twisting minds with seemingly impossible results. Lap three (main course) delves into the darker side of trickery. Psychology. Mental shit. Suggestion. The kind of stuff that keeps you awake at night. I bloody love lap three! Finally, if the crowd is just right, I do lap 4. The best magic trick in the world. Seriously. The whole freaking world. It’s got sleight of hand. It’s got psychology. It’s got misdirection. It gets more gasps, faints, swears, and astonished faces than any other part of my set. I bloody love lap 3. Lap 4 is even better. Seriously, I can barely contain myself during lap 4.

So, in answer to the question, “Do I rotate?”, the answer is “Hell no.”

That would be akin to having your trifle before your roast beef. Your calzone before your minestrone. Your thermidor before your amuse bouche. Your… well you get the idea. No rotating!


*See dedicated blog on this topic.

** No. Though I did once get invited to an audition. I declined. I’m quite camera shy. And it would make a mockery of the witness protection program.

*** Typically this only happens at Italian Restaurant gigs.

**** Yeah, kind of made that one up a bit.

***** Never. Never been asked this. Just made the mistake of putting “Give me a blog topic” on social media. Thanks a bunch Gary T via Twitter. you big gobshite. I hope you’re satisfied.