I like making “Phlogs”.

Whereas writing a blog takes a little forethought and planning and something interesting to write about, making a photo blog (aka phlog) just relies on putting together some photos of magic.

So, here is the latest phlog in the series. “Kebabophlog”…

Picture the scene, the magic circle dinner has finished, as we hang around looking well dressed outside Munchies on the Haymarket waiting for a cab, it seems a shame not to pass the time with a little trickery. And photos of the magic make a handy phlog post some time later!

In case your’e interested, the trick I’m showing is the one I learnt from Oleg “the Bandit” Halvorsen as featured in the blog of the same name. It’s still one of my favourites.

And it’s particularly suited to performing late at night. Outside a kebab shop.