Leave Them Wanting More

…and you know they’ll call you back. According to Bobby Womack anyway. (depending on the online quote reference you use, according to PT Barnum, or Quentin Tarantino)

Anyway, regardless of who said it, I maintain it’s good advice. Certainly if you’re in the close up magic business. When I find myself at a table with a crowd to entertain, I find the best amount of magic to show them is slightly less than they’d really like. Only slightly less mind; you don’t want to make them cross. I find a finely crafted 10 minute set that whets the appetite to be an ideal aperitif. And then, once astonishment has been shown to them, they’re eager to call you back for more (a main course if you like, if we’re keeping the food servings analogy going)

I like to make the next serving even better. So the crowd are wanting more still (a pudding if you will) The next course better still (Cheese? Coffee? Nightcap?)

I’m with Bobby on this. It’s far better to leave them wanting more – “come back!”, than to give them too much and leave them wanting less – “go away!”.

I think it’s valuable advice.

Unless of course you run an all you can eat buffet. Or sell fabric by the metre. Or clean things. Or build houses. Or drive a taxi. Or cut hair.

Actually in hindsight, it’s rubbish advice to all but the entertainment industry.

But I’ll stick with it for now.

Cheers Bobby.