Shy Bairns

There’s a top phrase in the North East about those who are more confident getting more than those who are shy.

It’s got the word “Bairns” in it too. (Which is Geordie for “youths”)

Anyway, I was reminded of this phrase when last week I thought I ought to go and seek some more gigs. I usually laze around waiting for them to come to me, but with the Geordie phrase echoing around my head, I went in search of some magical employment. I actually forget the phrase, but it’s something like…

“Bairns who are shy tend to find they get a lot less than the more confident bairn”. Or something like that. I’m sure it’s shorter and more to the point though.

I was pleased with the results. Very pleased. One local restaurant was eager to book me for all their events, and another liked my idea of putting on magic nights for their diners.

I was about to say that I will definitely get hundreds of booking from this, but then I was reminded of another pertinent phrase.

“If you have several eggs, it is not wise to assume that each single egg will contain a chicken. If you make such an assumption, then you are likely to be disappointed if you find that you have less chickens that you were expecting”

Again, I’m sure it’s shorter and more to the point than that.

You get the gist though.