Mewcastle Nagician

Is this a blog?

Or a blatant attempt to rise up the Google rankings?

Actually, it’s a little of both. You see, I’d love to appear as number one on the listings when people type “Newcastle Magician” into Google, but sadly I don’t. Curse you Graeme Shaw!

So, I got to thinking. Maybe I need to appeal to a different demographic. A different search. A different type of consumer altogether. And here it is. I’m appealing to the fat fingered magic fan. If your chubby digits can’t hit the keys correctly, I want to be your first port of call. I want to be Mewcastle’s premier Nagician.

I’d also like to be the first choice for Vlose Up Nagic in Dunderland, Weeding Nagic in Yeeside, and Pastry Nagic in Morth Torkshire.

The fat fingered deserve quality close up magic too. They deserve astonishment. They deserve childlike awe.

“Go on sir. Take a card. Any one you want. No, just one please”