Make your wedding day memorable (in a good way)

The worst thing that could happen on your wedding day is for your guests to get bored and restless during the celebrations.

Actually, that’s not the case at all.

The worst thing would be to get jilted at the alter. Or get diarrhea. Or have a small fire break out during the speeches. Even worse would be a combination of two or more of these happening.

But certainly in the top ten is restless guests. “Oh, the bride looked lovely. The vows were so touching. The beef wellington was to die for. Shame I got a bit restless in that lull between the day and night do”. That’s not what you want to eavesdrop on your wedding day. It would be far worse if you were popping imodium in a toilet cubicle when you overheard it, or battling a blaze on the top table. Even so, it would still put a dampener on your big day.

(If you stumbled across this blog expecting useful wedding day advice, you’re probably a little disappointed. It’s probably just dawning on you that what looks like wedding day advice is actually a thinly veiled piece of self-publicity.)

Still, let’s get to business!

Close up magic is the answer to your worries (not all your worries of course, just the restless guests worry. I can’t help at all with the jilting or diarrhea. I did once put out a fire that had started on a table centrepiece though. However, it was also me that started it. But, I digress). Whenever there could be restlessness, close up magic creates a buzz of excitement that keeps restlessness at bay. Ideal times to do this are during the photographs (you’ll be having a whale of a time, but what are your guests going to do?). As guests take their seats for the meal. As the evening do commences, and sober evening guests join the less sober day guests. Maybe there will be a gap between daytime and evening dos. This is a perfect time to add a little magic to your day.

Magic makes memories. And anything that makes your wedding day extra memorable is a good thing.

With the obvious exceptions of jilting, diarrhea and table blazes. They’re memorable too, but not in a good way.