The Memories Remain…

… After the magic is over.


Sometimes people choose unusual things to make their party stand out. Chocolate fountains are one. Pick ‘n’ mix sweet trolleys are another. I’ve even seen stilt walkers.

Now, I’m clearly biased, but I think having magic at your party is far superior. Not just for the moment, but for what it leaves behind.

While those other examples leave possible toothache, the need for the next hole on your belt or a possible crick in your neck, magic gives you something special. Something magical. Memories.

Long after the taste of the chocolate has faded, or the awe of the really really tall person has subsided, the memories of good magic will stay with you.

Maybe they’ll keep you awake at night. “How did that well dressed man know exactly what I was thinking?”. Maybe sometime in the future, you’ll look back to something particularly astonishing. Something uniquely special, and it’ll make you smile.

Sometimes, I like to give a memento out as I do my thing. If I see a couple who look very much in love, I like to get them to take a card each from the pack and write their name on it. I put the cards back to back, and the pair squeeze them between their hands. When their hands part, the two cards are stuck together. Forever inseparable.

It makes me smile to think that months later, someone will take this unique memento out of their purse. Memories of being astonished will flood back. (I like to think it will give them butterflies, but that may be wishful thinking). And they’ll get a warm glow knowing that the cards, and the two of them are inseparable.

Memories like that are deep. They’re powerful.

I don’t mean have a downer on chocolate fountains, but seriously, you can’t compete with that.