TV Magic

Magic on TV is getting more popular.

But is it a good thing for us magicians? Opinion is divided…

One the one hand, anything which gives our noble art a bit more publicity has to be good news. If someone somewhere watches Dynamo then books a magician to astonish at their party (ideally me) then I think that is certainly a good thing.

However, on the other hand it can sometimes make things a little tricky for us. You see, sometimes TV magicians have somewhat larger budgets, bigger audiences, and props that would most certainly not fit in my waistcoat pocket.

I remember once getting a little worried after seeing a magician on BGT appear a helicopter. I had a wedding gig the next day. Would the bride and groom be expecting a helicopter? Would kids at the wedding be disappointed at disappearing coins and wands appearing from behind their ears? Would they demand some form of commercial aviation? I wasn’t even able to stretch to a microlight, let alone make a chopper appear from nowhere. (Tee-hee, my childish self has just thought of an “Appearing chopper trick”. It’s very funny, but I may never work again if I performed it)

I needn’t have worried as it happened. People are generally quite wiley. They have a healthy scepticism to stuff they see on TV. They suspect it may have been an inflatable helicopter. They have an inkling that not was all as it seemed. Close up magic removes such doubts though. You can see so clearly that nothing untoward is going on. There can be only one solution – “it really is magic” (Or, I deceive so cunningly that you didn’t notice).

So, I learned that the small can be as powerful as the enormous. Low key, low budget magic can astonish as much as its flashy TV brother.

I learned that size doesn’t matter. And you can still impress without a large chopper.