Easy Card Trick Revealed

In my last blog, I teasingly promised to teach a devastatingly good, yet easy card trick. Then, I didn’t. Sorry. If you missed it, you can have a read here.

Anyhoo, it’s time to reveal the secret!

To recap, cards are placed in pocket, cards turn invisible, spectator turns over one card, cards are returned, cards turn visible, spectator’s card is reversed in the deck.

It’s such a good trick!

Now, brace yourself for the secret! A secret so devilish! A secret that will make quake with excitement and have you rushing for your deck of cards to try it out yourself!

So, to perform this miracle follow the steps in the previous blog. (Click here for another read) Have someone think of a card, and then (and this is VERY important) insist that they change their mind. Make sure they remember this card. (The second one that is, not the first). Place the deck in your pocket, and then (You’ll love this bit) Don’t really remove it! You just pretend! Reach into your pocket and pretend to take the cards out! Isn’t that genius? You don’t really give you the spectator an invisible deck at all! (I have to suppress my laughter at this point of the performance, I really do). Anyway. Ask them to shuffle (tee hee) and turn over their selected card (chortle) and pass you the deck back. Then, pretend to place it in your pocket, and remove the real deck! Seriously, it’s that simple. The deck is never invisible at all. (I bet at this point some of you are kicking yourself for not thinking of that)

This may leave a niggling thought in your mind. How does their card end up upside down? Well, prepare to kick yourself again – YOU TURN IT OVER BEFORE YOU DO THE TRICK! Seriously, it’s that simple. Choose a spectator, work out what card they’ll pick before they do (the second one of course, that’s really important) and turn it over beforehand! It’s that simple. And of course, if you’d worked out what their first choice would have been you can tell them that as well.

I love this trick. Now you too know the devilish secret.

I hope you have lots of fun with it.

Don’t go pinching any gigs off me though please.