Moral Pricing

I’m quite proud of my pricing policy. I don’t adjust it for different customers. I keep it the same for all. I charge an arm and a leg.

You’re having a wedding – budget is tight – it’s an arm and a leg.

You’re a premiership footballer – money to burn – it’s an arm and a leg.

Small intimate gathering around dinner – it’s an arm and a leg.


I think this is fair. You enquire for magic with me, you know it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. No surprises. No knocking up the price because you can afford more. Just honest arm and a leg pricing.


This is not to say I’m not good value. I heard a little while ago of a magician who charged double my rates (two arms and two legs). Rumour was that he was no better. Certainly not twice as good. Can you imagine paying two arms and two legs for magic? Then when the magician asks you to pick a card, what would you do? Hold it in your teeth? Grip it with a stump?


Of course, there are exceptions. I did a charity do a little while ago. I don’t work for free, but I knocked a quarter off for them. (an arm and a shin). There was another time that I was feeling very generous, and I performed for an arm.


But on the whole, if you want magic from me it’s one arm, and one leg.

Disclaimer – I don’t actually accept limbs in payment for magic, it’s just a turn of phrase

If you are actually interested in the current sterling value of “an arm and a leg” please read my pricing policy or frequently asked questions.

Whatever you do, don’t send me a hand through the post as a deposit. That would just be downright disturbing.