The Art of Distraction

Magic is all about distractions.

On one level, I use distractions during close up magic. We magician’s sometimes refer to it as “misdirection”, but we just mean distraction. If you ever see me remove your chosen playing card from the sole of my shoe, I can assure you it didn’t actually get there by magic (sorry!). I actually put it there in a moment when you weren’t looking. Making sure you weren’t looking calls for a distraction. I’m not going to tell you how I do it. My distractions are one of my most closely guarded secrets!

On a deeper level, magic is about another type of distraction. It takes people away from the everyday. The mundane disappears when you are being astonished. Close up magic is so popular at parties because of just this. Parties are about escaping. About forgetting the ordinary and having fun in the moment. Magic is so far from the normal that any thought of day to day life vanishes and you are in the moment experiencing child like awe.

However, as always, there is a time and a place.There are some times that I would not wish to distract people at all. If they’re driving for example. Or pouring boiling water. Or maybe using a sharp knife. I love making people lose themselves in a moment. But it’s not worth increased insurance premiums. Or a trip to A&E for stitches.