The Best North East Magician

A little while ago, I wrote a blog called “Oleg ‘the Bandit’ Halvorsen” about my favourite one armed, Norwegian card magician. It was quite good. Give it a read if you like!

Any how, sometime later I thought I’d look up Oleg on Google to see if he was in the news, or was planning a tour of the UK. I was amazed to see that my blog about him was the number one result on the Google search!* If you Google “Oleg the bandit Halvorsen”, my website comes up as the first hit. This made me very happy. (Feel free to try this – it really is true)

So in the interest of shameless self promotion, I have decided to name this blog, “The Best North East Magician”. My hope is that anyone searching for that particular phrase will be directed straight to my site. Cunning eh!?

Am I the best North East Magician?

No. Probably not. I’m not terribly diverse. I don’t do stage magic, small children’s shows, cruise ships, rabbits, sawing in half or balloons.

However, when it comes to close up astonishment, I’m not too shabby. In fact, though I hate to blow my own trumpet, I’m quite good.

Maybe you’re reading this blog because you’re one of my regular blog readers (I hope you’re both well by the way). Maybe you’re reading because you Googled “The Best North East Magician” and got directed here. If that’s the case, welcome. Please have a look around, and get in touch if you’d like me to add some astonishment to your event.

*To be honest, it wasn’t that amazing, seeing as Oleg is imaginary