Nice to have a catchphrase; to have a catchphrase, nice.

A little while ago (about an hour), one of my regular blog readers asked if I had a catchphrase. The other regular blog reader didn’t comment. I hope they’re OK.

Still, it got me thinking. Maybe a catchphrase is in order.

Here were my initial thoughts….

  • Don’t worry, it’s not real magic. Just a devilish combination of sleight of hand, misdirection and psychology. (dismissed for not being catchy enough)

  • Actually, it is real magic! (dismissed, because it isn’t really. See above)

  • It’s not real magic – please don’t burn me! (kept in reserve for certain gigs)

  • Of course I can make your wife disappear (see earlier blog)

  • The name’s Strange. Jack Strange. (dismissed, because I think I nicked it from somewhere. Also it’s not really my name. See earlier blog)

Finally, I decided to go for this phrase that I often use.

  • You’ll like this BLANK*. It got 4 stars in “what BLANK* magazine”

I concluded that this could easily be adapted to lots of situations. The BLANK could for example be “card trick”, “dazzling display of mind reading”, “casino heist” or even “magazine”.


I sent the catchphrase off to “What Catchphrase” magazine.

Annoyingly, they haven’t reviewed it yet.


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