Newcastle Magic Circle

There’s something great about meeting up with like minded people every now and again. Enjoy fox hunting? Then meet up with some fellow fox hunters and go chase that little orange freak.

Dislike fox hunting? Then meet up with some hunt sabs, and knock those red jacketed freaks of their horses.

(Take great care not to join the wrong group here or all sort of trouble could ensue)

For me the only club worth joining (other than of course the “Kitten a-go-go private members lounge”) was Newcastle Magic Circle. Mingling with the mysterious members therein is a monthly treat. They are a diverse crowd, ranging from the balloon twisting antics of the children’s magicians to the dark realms of the “mentalists” who prey on the innocent and read minds for entertainment. (though to be honest, I’m not convinced they’re all genuine. Last time I was at the ‘Circle a mentalist asked if I’d like a drink. Surely if he was any good, he’d have known the answer already. The staff at the Kitten a-go-go are better mind readers if you ask me)

You’re desperate to know what it’s like aren’t you? Well after passing the interview and audition, paying subs and joining fee, you’re free to call yourself a member and you can enjoy all the tasteful, scantily clad, erotic dancing the Kitten a-go-go club can offer.

As for the Magic Circle, well I’m afraid I’m sworn to secrecy on that. I’m certainly not allowed to tell the “secret knock” required to get in (this month it’s “Tap, Tap, Tappety Tappety Tap, Rap Rap, Tappety , Tappety, Tappety Tappety, KNOCK”),  I certainly can’t tell you the location (Conveniently two doors down from the Kitten a-go-go), and I most certainly can’t tell you the program (a mixture of guest lecturers, magic competitions, members nights and the occasional spinning class)

And so that’s where I’m off to later.

(as soon as my shift at the Kitten a-go-go is over of course)