Street Magic

I’ve got a lot of time for David Blaine.

Admittedly, I wasn’t keen on his standing in a glass box trick. It lacked the twistiness of a good “denouement” for my liking. It also went on a bit long.

But his close up work and “street magic” were phenomenal, and were responsible for getting me really interested in learning strong involving magic. Magic that produced amazing reactions from those who saw it. Initially, I thought the reactions on his TV special were a combination of Americans being a little too enthusiastic and some careful editing. Then when I started performing, I realised that even us reserved Brits could go wild over a finely crafted piece of astonishment.

I couldn’t get away with David’s persona though. It suits him well, but when I tried his laid back, cool approach, I came across as a bit surly. A more light hearted, friendly approach suited me better.

So, when I got a booking a little while ago to perform in a Newcastle street outside a newly opened shop, I was seriously excited! This was the time for my inner Blaine to push it’s way to the surface!

I’ve since gone off Street Magic a little. David’s TV Specials looked a little warmer than Tyneside in November, and after a four hour stint outside O2, I was freezing. Street magic in the summer could tempt me, but in the darker months, walls and a roof are top priorities.

So long as they aren’t made of glass and dangled above the Thames.