No Jacket Required

I’ve just bought a waistcoat.

‘Hold on’, I hear you saying, ‘I don’t read Jack’s blog for fashion advice, I come here for witty tales of magic and occasional shameless self promotion.’

Well dear readers, don’t fret. I can assure both of you that this is not a fashion blog, but everything you’ve come to expect.

I had a great fondness for my suit. It cut a dash. In fact one night it cut several. It had pockets for everything a magician could need and sleeves to keep my arms warm while astonishing. And that, unfortunately, was it’s downfall.

You see, people assumed I kept things up my sleeves. But I never did. I didn’t realise this until I made a pack of cards change colour whilst in casual attire of jeans and tee shirt for someone and they said to their pals,

‘and it couldn’t have gone up his sleeves because he wasn’t wearing any’.

I realised then that the jacket’s days were numbered. The best way to dismiss suspicion of sleeves is to dismiss sleeves.

So from now on, the tweedy sophistication of a well tailored waistcoat (shirt sleeves rolled up) will be my new magical attire. (I still need a couple of pockets and I still like to cut dashes)

So, anyone want to book a magician that definitely doesn’t hide stuff up his sleeves?


Or anyone want to buy a jacket?