An Equity Bull Life

I’ve never killed anyone with magic. Well not yet anyway. Not even caused anyone any harm, or damaged any property beyond repair.

However, were I to do so, I’d be fully covered! (maybe not legally and morally, but certainly from an insurance point of view). You see, some time ago a venue insisted I had Public Liability insurance before I astonished their guests. I assured them there was little risk in my brand of close up magic (with the possible exception of someone soiling themselves after seeing a truly astonishing trick. This can happen – see my astonishment blog). None the less, they were adamant.

“You might knock someone’s coffee all over them or give them a paper cut with a playing card”, they offered.

I toyed with replying “I spend hours practicing sleight of hand and misdirection, not incompetent buffoonery”, but realised such smart remarks can make one appear a bit of a nob. Instead I fired up the laptop and headed straight for confused dot com.

To cut a long, and not terribly interesting, story short, finding PL insurance for close up magic is a right chore. I was close to giving up when I discovered “Equity”. Yearly membership not only provides a membership card, and an informative quarterly magazine (The Alan Davies interview in the Spring edition was a DELIGHT), but also a million pounds worth of PL cover! A MILLION POUNDS! It’s not just for “luvvies” you know. I now have one more card in my wallet, a far better knowledge of Alan Davies, and A MILLION POUNDS worth of insurance cover.

If your mind works like mine, you’re probably thinking of pulling of some elaborate “Ocean’s Eleven” style hustle to claim that big six figure settlement. I toyed with it for a while but decided against it. Fraudulent magicians tend not to get repeat bookings, and I don’t want a reputation for spilling lots of coffee.

However, if I ever show you a trick so good you soil yourself, then you’ll be reassured to know that I’ll happily cover the laundry costs.