Jack’s First Blog

“Hey Jack”, they all said. “You should have a blog.”

“Really?”, I replied. “Who’d be interested in my inane ramblings?”

“Loads of people”, they replied. “And what’s more, a site with a blog is regularly updated”


“An updated site gets pushed nearer the top of Google’s listings”


“You’ll get more hits, and therefore more magic gigs”

So, consequently, welcome to my debut blog.  A blatent attempt to get more magic bookings.

Why?  Well I simply love doing magic gigs! I love ironing a gig shirt, putting on a gig suit, and carefully arranging the gig pocket square in a stylish peak. I love unwrapping a fresh deck of cards, and feeling them in their brand new, extra slipery condition. However, what I  love more is showing my perfectly honed and rehearsed tricks to a fresh audience.  The icing on the cake is releasing the moment of astonishment  in an unsuspecting spectator. I love that moment! It’s when grown adults believe in magic, and enter a state of child like wonder.  Sometimes it lasts for seconds, sometimes it can linger all evening. For me it’s what magic is all about.

In fact I love the moment of astonishment so much, I may even make it the subject of my next blog….